Proud to be a Trial Lawyer

I am proud to be a trial  lawyer because:

Helping injured people. I represent injured people. I only take the case if I can get the injured person more of a recovery after my fees are paid than she would receive without my involvement. Plus I take cases on a contingency fee meaning my client pays me nothing to represent her unless I win the case. In the end I help an injured person because without my involvement as a trial lawyer the insurance company will not pay fair value.

Standing for justice. In our society when a person is injured through the negligence of another justice is obtained by way of a monetary recovery. As a trial lawyer I have the ability to get the fair recovery by way of a trial.

Making society safer. In our society it often takes a financial message to get wrongdoers to correct their negligent conduct. As a trial lawyer I have the ability to demonstrate the wrong and the damages that flow from the wrong. This in turn leads the jury (the voice of the community) to send a message that the community will not put up with negligent conduct.

Lobbying for the common man. Insurance companies are wealthy powerful corporations with agendas to turn maximum profits for their shareholders. They pay millions of dollars every year in lobbying efforts to get legislation that puts caps on damages, and barriers to bringing a personal injury case.  The common man who sustains injuries has no lobby to take on legislation proposed by insurance lobbies. As a trial lawyer I am a member of  national and state trial lawyers associations. National and state trial lawyer associations are the lobbies for the common man. Through my membership in these trial lawyer associations I support efforts to defeat agenda legislation sought by the insurance companies.

Sleep well at night. I only represent people who are injured through the negligence of another. In the case we stick to the truth. Telling the truth translates to success as juries have a feel for the truth. Juries want the honest injured person to receive a fair recovery. They want to see society safer through their verdict. After the case is complete members of the jurors sleep well and so do I.

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    Best regards!

  2. Korey Losier says:

    Wishing more writers were like you. This is extremely interesting stuff.

  3. Eduardo Kuhnel says:

    Congratulations, gifted writer. You are one of a kind.

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