Thou Shall Kick Thy Opponents Ass With Professionalism and Courtesy

As a trial lawyer representing injured people I must file cases more often than not to get fairness. In today’s economic climate many insurance companies are giving low ball settlement offers which a weak lawyer who cannot try a case will convince his client to accept or a client in economic hard times will take. Since I have an obligation to get fairness for my client I proceed to trial rather then take the low ball offer.

This means I regularly work against lawyers for the insurance companies. I play hard, I play fair, and I play to the end. Although I play to win, I treat my opponent with respect and decency. This means I have meaningful conversations with the other lawyer. I listen to the other lawyer. I cooperate  with scheduling with the other lawyer. And when I do well I never act like I beat the other lawyer.

This I believe is the mark of a true professional. And you know when I am decent to the other lawyer she is decent to me. We both will argue our case but this can be and should be done without getting personal, petty, or nasty. I find treating the other lawyer with professionalism and courtesy makes me feel better and I do just as well if not better for my client.

So when when you do not have much to say, and the going is tough, as your opponent is making hay, just remember at times it can be rough.  Accept these times and remember your time will come. Continue to  prepare, believe in yourself, accept bad things can happen,  give your best effort, and never, never lose your professionalism.

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  1. Lowell Ortea says:

    Thanks for posting this composition.

  2. osmoza says:

    im not attempting to become rude right here but i’d be ashamed to add content material this stupid on my webpage. no offence (sic).

  3. Lauren Dougall says:

    Great post!

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