Personal Injury Adversity



The second element of personal injury tragedy is adversity. The audience relates to a true to life, realistic, honest hero.  In tragedy there must be  adversity or harm to the hero. Without harm there is no reason to be concerned about our hero. The audience must see adversity and the hero overcoming it to continue his quest.     

There must be a cause for the adversity. This is the action, force or villain unleashed on our hero. The audience will want to address the adversity when it violates a universal truth or the hero’s quest. The reaction is to prevent this from happening again and address the impact of the adversity.

The hero should understand the mechanism for her adversity. Once this is done, and the audience relates to the adversity,  the hero’s focus is overcoming the adversity.  According to Aristotle the key to tragedy is change in fortune, and how the hero deals with the change. It is important for the hero to focus on the effect rather than the cause. Focus on the cause redirects  the audience’s attention from the effect which is off plot. In high level tragedy the audience is ready to deal with the effect.


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