The Five Tibetans

“The human energy system is an energetic webbing that permeates the entire body. It is the system that empowers the body and energizes and enlivens the mind, providing the energetic foundation upon which the body is built. It is the network through which all life energy flows.” Kilham, The Five Tibetans (1994) at 10. Kilhan points out we are incarnate beings meaning we are beings who live in bodies.

For the highest form of existence we coordinate our body and mind. To do this takes practice and exercise. For example the practice of yoga teaches to be in tune with the energy currents of our body. In this way we consciously unite mind and body.

In the 1920s an American geographer, Edwin Dingle, lived in Tibet studying with Tibetan Monks. His studies included a series of five exercises known as the Five Tibetans. These exercises, yoga in nature, increase strength, energy and mental alertness. They open up the body/mind energy system and balance energy.

I have been doing the five Tibetans as part of my morning routine for years. Start slow. Work up to 21 reputations each. Keep doing the Tibetans on a regular basis. You will be pleased with the result. 

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  1. Sweet post once again.

  2. Messners Hattrick 1982 – drei 8000er in drei Monate – Kangchendzönga – Gasherbrum II – Broad Peak…

    In den 90 Tagen von Anfang Mai bis Anfang August letzten Jahres erstieg der 38jährige Reinhold Messner in wechselnder Begleitung nacheinander den Kangchendzönga im Himalaya, den Gasherbrum II……

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