Learning from Adversity-Lesson from Jake Locker

When I win I do little reflection on how I tried the case. I take the win as affirmation I have done a quality job and assume I have it down. When I lose I do a lot of reflection. I revisit the trial from jury selection through closing argument critiquing my work. From this I learn and get better.

This year the University of Washington football team has high hopes largely because of the return of Jake Locker. Locker was projected to be a first round draft pick in this year’s NFL draft. He turned down the opportunity and returned for his final year as quarterback. Locker and the team have started 1 and 2 with his last game being one of the worst of his career. Recently I read a story/interview of Jake Locker. He has wisdom beyond his years from which we can learn:

Right after a Significant Defeat. Obviously you think about it right after and review what happened. “But if you dwell on it it’s going to continue to beat you.” The most important thing is getting back to work and working toward the next contest.

Wondering What If. There is nothing you can do about it once it is over. So you don’t gain anything wondering what if.

Questioning  Yourself. Trust  the fact you made the decision to [play football/try cases] because you believe in yourself and this is what you want to do no matter what the outcome. Obviously it is tough to lose, but make it a loss to learn from and get better.

Get Back to Work. After the loss get back to work as soon as possible. Uncover your mistakes and correct them. Prepare for the next contest taking lessons learned from defeat.

Win the Next One. Return with the attitude the loss is behind you. There are trials to look forward to and prepare for. Keep  practicing hard, preparing well, and go into it giving your best effort.

With this attitude the wins will come. 

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