Dress Like a Lawyer

Although many lawyers choose to practice law in casual attire. For court appearances and most matters I dress like a lawyer. This means professional attire that inspires confidence-as in a client seeing me as their lawyer. As in a client thinking he looks like a professional who knows what he is doing. As in a client thinking damn I’m glad he’s my lawyer.

Generally this begins with the first impression. Like it or not first impressions are made on how we appear, and this means how we dress. Below are my maxims for a professional appearance:

Always Neat. Take time in the morning to address personal hygiene. I give thought to what I am wearing so when I leave the house I have consciously chosen my outfit. I present a decent appearance. I present in a way I will be able to meet a new client even if I do not expect this to happen.

Hair. My hair is professionally styled.  What is important is my hair is neat and clean. It appears I have put some thought on making sure it looks professional.

Shirt. Generally this means a dress shirt. For me this translates to a button down all cotton professionally laundered white or light blue shirt. I wear Gitman Brothers shirts which are high quality and look high quality.

Suit/Sport Coat. I wear a suit or sport coat and slacks 80% of the time. The suits are quality and I buy them at Nordstrom Rack stores or at outlet malls. At these venues I pay about 50% of the original price. I buy classic suits and sports coats that never go out of style. Suits are often Hickey Freeman. Sports coats are Harris tweed or tasteful low key wool patterns. Liking the Ivy League look, I a blue blazer worn with tan or gray slacks.

Tie. Ties are silk, usually purchased at the Nordstrom Rack where a $75 tie sells for $25. I favor ties that are mostly blue or mostly red. These are power colors. I like classic stripe ties and conservative pattern ties. My tie matches my shirt and suit/sport coat. I almost always tie a half windsor knot. The tie always descends to the belt.

Shoes. Here I go with quality leather dress shoes. My favorite shoes are made by Allen Edmunds.  I have black, cordovan and brown. I wear classic styles with my favorite being cap toes. My shoes are always shined. Never skimp on shoes. Good shoes aren’t cheap and cheap shoes aren’t good.

Belt and Socks. I always wear a belt. My belt matches my shoes. I almost always wear socks. My socks match my slacks.

Watch. I have a Rolex Explorer white face. I used to wear a cheap watch to trial. But this is phoney so now I wear the Rolex, and at times a Hamilton. Both are simple but classic. 

Casual Friday. On Fridays and days where I chose to go casual I dress like a golf pro. This means cotton khaki slacks with a collared shirt.

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  2. […] Rings (Translated by Stephen Kaufman, Hanshi 10th Dan 1994) at 26. The appearance of a warrior / trial lawyer should be “quiet and strong and seem to be doing nothing.” Id. The lawyer neither […]

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