Appreciate Your Health

Health is a funny thing. When we feel good we usually assume this is how we are supposed to be. We take feeling good for granted. When we get sick it is often an all encompassing experience. We are faced with at least a temporary loss of our health-our feeling good-and we don’t like it at all.

Of course we have control over our health to a great extent. We usually have no control over traumatic injury occurring, and we lack control over genetic health issues. But we do control what we eat. We do control what we put into our body in the form of water, food, drugs and alcohol. We do control our activity level. When we make wise choices in the areas we do control we are rewarded with health.

Try living in a way that maximizes your health. You will be the beneficiary of a better life. You will save resources that can be used to help those who need the help from a health standpoint. And you may be so lucky that you can take your health for granted-at least until you lose it.

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  1. Most who find themselves without health insurance are students, self-employed and those not working. More than half from the uninsured are under the age of Thirty-five. They do not feel they need health insurance since they’re young plus healthy. Their income is typically spent on homes, food, and entertainment. People who work part time are not given insurance so they go without because of the rising tariff of health insurance in America. Thanks for the suggestions you talk about through this blog.

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