First Week of March-Human Dignity

Recently my wife and I helped serve food to tent city homeless people. We did this through the Rotary Club of Downtown Kirkland. We served at a local church where the tent city is located. When serving the food I felt the homeless people enjoyed the occasion beyond the food, but it didn’t hit me on what it was until we heard back from the church minister.

When the minister gave us feed back he did not mention the food. He discussed how the tent city people appreciated us taking the time to serve them. When hearing this it clicked: The tent city people appreciated being treated with dignity. The food was an after thought.

It today’s difficult times we see a lot of people who are having hard times. We see homeless people. We see people who have no employment. We see people who have employment below the status they once enjoyed.

While most of us lack the ability to right the economic wrongs that have befallen many people, we all have the ability to give people what they desire most: Dignity and Respect. Take the time to recognize your fellow man. Couple the recognition with a showing of respect. Taking the time to give another the dignity they deserve as a fellow human being is taking the time to give a gift we can all give-the gift  of human dignity which in the end means the most.

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