Fourth Week of April-Advice to Navy Seals in Training

First, never give in to the ┬ápressure of the moment. Whenever you’re hurting just hang in there. Finish the day. If you’re still felling bad, think about it long and hard before you quit.

Second, take it one day at a time. One evolution at a time. Don’t let your thoughts run away with you. Don’t start planning to bail out because you’re worried about the future and how much you can take. Don’t look ahead to the pain. Just get through the task and know success is ahead.

Joe Maguire (Deputy Commander U.S. Special Operations in Pacific Command-COMPAC).

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2 Responses to “Fourth Week of April-Advice to Navy Seals in Training”

  1. Newt Cap says:

    What a great blog and revealing post.

  2. Candy Gold says:

    Each assignment they take on is crucial and backed by a steadfast dedication to teamwork………….

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