Fourth Week of February-The Universe as Living Order

It is worth while to read and contemplate ancient philosophers and their way of seeing the universe. To the Stoics the universe is perfectly made. It is logical and divine. According to Cicero: “It remains no less true that nothing is more perfect than this world, which is an animate being, endowed with awareness, intelligence and reason.” citing Luc Ferry, A Brief History of Thought (2010) at 21-22. In essence the Stoics weere convinced “that a ‘logical’ order was at work behind the apparent chaos of things and that human reason was able to discern the divine character of the universe.” Id. at 22.

Being of this mindset Marcus Aurelius saw nature as a harmonious whole serving as a model for human conduct and the order of things: “All that comes to pass with justice. You will find this to be so if you watch carefully. I do not mean only in accordance with the ordered nature of events, but in accordance with justice and as it were by someone who assigns to each thing its value.” Id. at 23 (citing Marcus Aurelius, Meditations).

Today following the discovery of quantum physics we can say the universe is alive and in constant motion. All matter is interconnected. Although the Stoics did not understand quantum physics, they understood the universe as living order.  Recognizing this reality allows for an understanding of the universe and how we and all are interconnected. In the end Marcus Aurelius is likely correct justice prevails in a universal way.

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