Fourth Week of January-The Zen of Excellence

To achieve excellence, practice the following:

Patience. Enlightenment usually occurs after years of diligent effort. The zen student student learns this, and learns the need to conquer haste.

Relaxation. Tension is the enemy. Relax and trust your ability. Concentrate on doing your task naturally relying on inner ability.

Visualization. See your future, be your future. Visually imagine successful performance.

Practice. Only through practice can we hope to achieve success.

Focus. Exclude all thoughts not concerned with your task.

Empty Head. Full head, empty task. Success lies not in the personal ego but in the unconscious. Strive for a state of no ego where distinction betweeen subject and object vanishes.

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  2. Sonia Yuska says:

    Very interesting entry, I look forward to the next!

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