Fourth Week of November-Phoneix (Thanksgiving)

My thought of the week is a Thanksgiving thought taking its inception from Phoneix where I recently visited.

Myth. In Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology there is a bird called “Phoneix” that lives for 500 hundred years, goes down in flames and is reborn from its ashes.

City. The Pueblo Indians built an ancient city where Phoneix is located but lack of water lead to its demise. In 1867 Jack Swilling saw the beauty and promise of this great land and through irrigation built a new settlement.  On the name, Darrell Duppa said “[a] new city will spring  phoneix-like upon the ruins of a former civilization.”

Thanksgiving. While I could say I am thankful for the great winter golf in the Phoneix area, on deeper thought I am thankful for the ebb and flow of life, for the yin and yang, for the hard times and the good times. This may sound strange saying I am thankful for the hard, difficult and tough but I am.

The hard, difficult and tough make us strong. It is from defeat that we learn. It is the hard, difficult and tough that allow us to appreciate success and good times. All successful people have experienced failure. Like the phoneix bird they rise from the ashes to become stronger and better. Like the City of Phoneix they build again on their foundation to live at a higher level.

Like the phoneix bird I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from failure. I am thankful for the opportuniry to rise again. I am thankful for the growth that comes through this process, I am thankful for life.

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2 Responses to “Fourth Week of November-Phoneix (Thanksgiving)”

  1. Pat,

    I’m thankful for your wisdom and your generosity.


  2. A mutual acquaintence recommended your site to me. Glad I listened to her! I like how you really focus and get to the point but can you run through that last part again? Just a little? –Jack

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