Manners were important in the 1950’s. Manners started to lose importance in the 1960’s with the whatever free spirit attitude. This flowed into the 70’s, and evolved into the what’s in it for me 80’s and 90’s. Now in the techno twenty first century many are too self centered and technologically isolated to be concerned with manners.

But manners still have their place. Try the following:

Greeting. Personally relate to daily contact people. Great the store cashier, the bank teller, the barista, the … with “Hi how are you today.” Look at the person and thank him or her when leaving.

“You’re Welcome.” When someone thanks you say “you’re welcome,” as opposed to “no sweat” or “no problem.”

“Pardon Me.” When walking closely in front of a person or brushing a person say “pardon me.”

Cell Phone. Set cell phone to vibrate. Do not answer cell phone when in the company of others especially only one other. Same for texting. Do not talk on cell phone in public places including parks  and  trails where people seek solitude.

Respond. Respond to invitations, telephone calls, letters and personal e-mails.

Thank you. Write a thank you note when you have been a guest.

Timeliness. Be on time.

Think About Other Person. As for a manners guide treat the other person how you want to be treated.

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