New Year’s Resolution-Connection


con·nec·tion  (k-nkshn)



a. The act of connecting.
b. The state of being connected.
2. One that connects.
3. An association or relationship: There appeared to be a connection to the group.
4. Reference or relation to something else; context: With this connection we can work for justice.

For my New Year’s Resolution I am working on “connection'” as in connecting with others. Connection for me will be accomplished by listening in the moment.

To connect by listening we give up preconceived ideas and subjective opinions. We listen and observe the ways of the speaker. We accept the speaker without our emphasis on good or bad. We feel things as they are with the speaker. To successfully listen we clear our mind to facilitate openness to things as they are.

In responding we must be true to ourself without phoney adjustment to suit the other. If we “try to adjust ourselves intentionally, it is impossible to be natural. …” So without any intentional, fancy way of adjusting” we respond being straightforward.  Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, (Weatherhill 1970).


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