Second Week of June-My Sister a Hero

Today I did the Susan G. Komen RACE FOR THE CURE with my sister, wife, and others. I did this with my sister because she is treating for breast cancer. So far treatment has gone well but she is still in the battle. Being with her during this time gives me an appreciation for how strong and positive she is under adversity. Although she has always been an active, hard working, family person, who appreciates life, she seems to be at a higher level of life appreciation now that she is dealing with cancer.

I am impressed with how strong she is in this adversity. I am impressed with how involved she is as in attacking the disease with the help of her doctors. I am impressed with how she does not feel sorry for herself and rarely complains during the phases of  treatment.

My sister is my younger sister. My sister is a role model for her siblings and extended family on how to deal with cancer. My sister is our family hero.

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3 Responses to “Second Week of June-My Sister a Hero”

  1. Aunt Pat says:

    Pat, you and Sue look so much alike in this photo. Change outfits and it’s done.
    I am honored to be auntie to you both.
    Aunt Pat

  2. Cousin Greta says:

    Great work, both of you! Sorry I could not be there. I’m so glad the sun came out for the Race.

  3. Rich Yoshikawa says:

    As a coworker of her at Masins, we share the trials and tribulations of retail…nothing compared to the personal challenges that she is so bravely facing now. We love her and give her our best prayers and thoughts so that she will be smiling that great happy face when she is back with us. She is truly a brave and wonderful soul that gives more than she would expect in return, and that’s what makes Sue so unique…besides her exhuberant, high energy personality. We love our “Mag” here at the store.
    Our best to her family!!!
    Rich Yoshikawa

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