Third Week of June-Success In Life

It is not often that we succeed in life when we let our feelings get the best of us: anger, irritation, disgust, or any uncontrolled emotion, leads to a blindness. The more we yield to it the more we are at the mercy of the situation. If we cannot control ourself we will not properly respond to the situation.

Life in this sense is a test of character, and beyond doubt good and bad in our character will be revealed. But there is always opportunity to improve. Our conduct in life should be our first consideration when we sum up our life.

Some associate success in life with material accomplishment and see success without considering what really matters. Our friends do not judge us by material accomplishment. To our friends and family the most important aspect of our life is the spirit that prevails throughout our life.

From James Zug, History of Squash, discussing philosophy of Harry Cowles Harvard Squash Coach in 1920s (edited by PAT)

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