Third Week of June-Super Star Defined

Sometimes a similie is the best way to describe as in a “Super Star is like Roberto Clemente.” As a baseball player Mr. Clemente was a five tool player. He hit for average, he hit for power, he had a golden glove, a rocket arm and he ran the bases at lightening speed with graceful finesse.

Bur Mr. Clemente is a Super Star because of what he did off the field. He paved the way for Latin American baseball players. He never forgot his Latin American roots returning to his home country-Puerto Rico-in the off season to play baseball, coach baseball and give baseball equipment.

He was a loving husband and father. He was kind and considerate to “little people” who could do nothing for him. He died in a plane crash where he was flying to Nicaragua to deliver supplies to earthquake victims. Supplies he had personally purchased in an airplane he had personally chartered.

When we define Super Star let us ask:

Great at what he/she does professionally?

Dedicated to family and friends?

Cares about little people?

Remains true to his/her roots?

Gives back with time and money?

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