Third Week of November-Get Involved

With the shocking news of the sexual abuse that occurred at Penn State University by a former Penn State University coach many are asking why the coaches, academics, and others who had knowledge of what was happening or knowledge that should have led to further inquiry did nothing.

The Good Samaritan is a rare individual. Psychologists have studied why people choose to not get involved in helping a stranger in need. Often it is because others are also observing and the responsibility is diffused among the group. This was not the Penn State situation.

In the Penn State situation the choice not to get involved was made because of the prestige of those involved. It was as if getting involved and bringing to the forefront the abuse would mar a great institution and program.

Here we have a situation where the institution and program were great because they stood for excellence. Sadly not getting involved out of fear of tarnishing the institution and program has led to a situation where the institution and program are tarnished beyond those who could have intervened and dealt with the abuse.

The vast majority of Penn State academics and students would have got involved. The vast majority of those at Penn State stand for excellence. The vast majority at Penn State University continue to stand for excellence.

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One Response to “Third Week of November-Get Involved”

  1. Las Artes says:

    This isn’t about innocence or guilt as many keep stating, this is about doing the right thing. When allegations of this magnitude are made, action must be taken immediately to protect children, and that simply was not done. We cannot risk another child by allowing individuals to remain in charge who may have allowed the abuse of dozens of children due to their inaction.

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