We are a Diamond

There is only one of us. We are different than anyone else. No other person has our looks, our voice and experiences from birth. This means no other person sees the world in the same way we see the world. This means we are able to offer a perspective that is unique to us and unique to the world.

Because we are different than all others we have a presence that brings variety, that brings something different, and that others can learn from. We learn from others, and others learn from us.

Our differences make us like a diamond. No two diamonds are the same. Each diamond has its own beauty. Some may be thought to be more beautiful than others, but the lesser diamond from a beauty standpoint may be better from a work standpoint. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The key is to be ourself, give the gifts only we have, and contribute our uniqueness. This makes the world a better place.

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