Personal Injury Case and Casablanca

Often when I am discussing a client’s personal injury case I ask my client if they have seen the movie Casablanca. Regardless of whether they have seen the movie I tell them their case is like the closing scene.

In the closing scene of Casablanca Humphrey Bogart tells Ingrid Bergman she must leave Casablanca with her husband. The success of the French Resistance in World War 11 depends on her leaving with her husband. When Ingrid Bergman asks about “us”  in relation to her husband Bogart says “the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hills of beans in this crazy world.”

I then tell my client a wise client years ago told me “nothing matters unless it matters when you’re 75 years old.” I then explain this statement  and the closing scene in Casablanca represent the importance of her personal injury case. Meaning the only thing that really matters is how she feels at 75. If she misses the opportunity to do everything she can to recover to the highest possible level from her injury she will regret  missing the opportunity she has now when she is 75.

As far as the simile on her case being like Casablanca, I explain her legal case  ultimately does not mean a hill of beans in the long run of her life- meaning when she is 75 years old what matters is how she feels. Plus dedicating herself to recovery now by doing everything in her power to get better makes her personal injury case better. This is because juries best appreciate a person who never gives up and does everything possible to overcome her injury.

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