First Week of April-Happy Heart in the Moment

According to Eastern medicine, joy is the emotion associated with the heart. Happy people are less likely to develop heart disease. Happy people are generally optimists meaning they see the life glass as being half full rather than half empty. Glass is half full people live longer.

We have a choice in how we go about our life. That choice is made in the present. When we chose to see the present as a life experience and live it to its fullest we chose to live our life to the fullest. The present will never return. Appreciate it even when it appears to be a difficult moment.

Reflect now on how you are choosing to see the world. Are you choosing to dwell on the negative? Are you choosing to relive past failures? Are you choosing to dread the future? If you are you are a pessimist. Chose to turn into an optimist. Think about the positive in the moment. Forget about past failures. Live today at your fullest and realize tomorrow will be fine if you are living at your highest level in the present.

Above all else trust your heart. Consciously get it tune with your heart. Recognize you have a natural rhythm and and your natural rhythm is in your heart. Your natural rhythm is at its best when you heart is happy. Try to unite your natural happy heart rhythm with the natural rhythm of what is happening around you-this is the natural rhythm of the universe. This is where your heart wants to be. This is where your heart and you thrive. Try it you’ll like it and you’ll live longer.

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