The Balanced Lawyer

A quality lawyer is a balanced lawyer. Balance means balance in our life in the law and in our life outside the law.

In the Law. The balanced lawyer  practices time management. He arrives to work in a timely way on a regular basis. The balanced lawyer is well rested and ready to go for the day. The balanced lawyer has a solid relationship with his staff, and with other lawyers in the firm/ office. The balanced lawyer is organized and thorough. The balanced lawyer returns phone calls on a timely basis and meets deadlines. The balanced lawyer is prepared for the task at hand and completes the project in a timely way.

Social. The balanced lawyer has a social life outside the office. This may be a family and/or non family intimate relationships. This may be friends. Either way or both the balanced lawyer has meaningful relationships outside the office.

Intellectual. The balanced lawyer thinks in the law and outside the law. This means the balanced lawyer has an intellectual life outside the office. This may mean taking classes, reading, writing or discourse. The key is he is pushing his mind to continue to grow intellectually which keeps the mind sharp.

Physical. The balanced lawyer has a physical life. This usually means working out on a frequent basis or regular physical activity.  Running, walking, yoga, hiking, climbing, tennis, golf (w/o cart), basketball, squash, hiking, martial arts, regular exercise they all work. The key is physical activity that keeps the balanced lawyer in decent physical condition.

Spiritual. The balanced lawyer has a spiritual life. This may or may not mean a religious life. This does mean being mentally a tuned to something beyond what we cannot see. This may mean being a tuned to the inner working of the balanced lawyer’s body. This does mean the ability to appreciate feelings that come with the beauty of nature and the beauty of the inner person.

What Does Balance Accomplish? Balance accomplishes well roundedness. The balanced lawyer feels good about himself because he has a social life, an intellectual life, a physical life and a spiritual life. This makes him healthy and able to practice law at the highest level. This allows him to put events into perspective. This allows him to appreciate the ups and to accept the downs.

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2 Responses to “The Balanced Lawyer”

  1. Larry Lawyer says:

    Although they would have achieved their mission they wouldnt survive to fly the next one or even to celebrate their accomplishment..What does this have to do with practice?.Imagine a lawyer lets call her Mary who is so focused on making partner that everything else recedes. Of course whats tricky is that the extreme lawyer may feel restless if he only works 60 hours in a week whereas the more traditionally balanced lawyer may start to get antsy and worn out if she sees no choice but to work 60 hours..Bottom line define your own balance between work and life or recognize that your work is your life and work life describes a continuous integral whole.

  2. Sugel says:

    The Real Lawyers Real Lives survey series aims to find commonalities and practical advice on topics that matter to lawyers well-being. You can still participate at this link. Early findings are painting a picture of a well-balanced integrated lawyer.

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