Method Lawyering-Post Stanislavski

For The Method:

 Show Less. Always establish the mood within you and do not show more than you have for to do so will look false.So always show less and the jury will magnify it. To illustrate, in a medical case: “By pulling back they painted a realistic portrait of the medical profession creating the right emotional landscape where the [the jury] does the feeling.”

Stay Together. Speak to the times and to the spiritual needs of the jury. Have the feeling of being one with the jury by expressing their experience of past and present in common language. Problems, Action, the Given Circumstances, and Imagination are the keys to Stanislavski’s System.

Practice makes Perfect. One cannot swim without going into water. One cannot feel then do the problem. First act the problem for physical action action then you be able to feel. All you have to do is move from action to action within the given circumstances. Remember the line of psycho-physical actions-that is the memories of emotion, the lines and the physical action all intermingling. In trial speak and act with an authentic feeling using affective emotional memory.

The Method Trial Lawyer. The [Trial Lawyer] is their own material. They must learn to control it as they use it at will. When the trial lawyer has trained themself in the fundamentals of Action, Imagination, Improvisation, Characterization etc. they have done their work, and is prepared to proceed with the study of the trial, to analyze it from the standpoint of the trial as a whole and its line of action.

A Trial. A trial is a collective creation that expresses in visible, audible and rhythmic images which are real manifestations of imaginary life, places and people, by means of clear, precise and natural feelings and emotions of the soul. We try the case moment by moment allowing ourself to look and listen, we trust ourself to try the case and let things happen.



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