Fifth Week of March-The Golf Swing and Life “Keep it Simple”


People who play golf or who have tried know there is much to do about the golf swing. Like advice on how to live your life volumes have been written and advice is never ending.  Problems with the golf swing and problems in life often occur when we over complicate.

Years ago Ben Hogan on the Ed Sullivan Show demonstrated the basics of the golf swing. Hogan’s demonstration shows a natural fluid simple motion.  Like Hogan’s demonstration of the golf swing, in life, relax, trust your natural instincts, and keep it simple.

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7 Responses to “Fifth Week of March-The Golf Swing and Life “Keep it Simple””

  1. Alliet White says:

    Every golfer knows how awesome it is to head out to the course on a Saturday morning with a couple of buddies to knock off 18 holes. The game of golf can be outright addicting but as every golfer knows it can be equally frustrating. Following Hogan’s advice from the Ed Sullivan Show increases the likelihood of an awesome round.

  2. Of late before beginning any golfing round I chose to perform some limbering up routines just before I began to play the game. That did actually assist my all round play and I had absolutely no pains and aches after I finished playing.

  3. Henny Bogan says:

    I likewise agree, perfectly placed post!

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