Fourth Week of July-Deep Relaxation


Relaxing is voluntarily giving up control, letting go, surrendering tension. Deep relaxation involves a measure of trust. We must let go of tension and trust we will be all right.

To begin we put ourself into a corpse pose, laying flat on our back, legs fully extended with feet about 12 inches apart. Arms out stretched, palms up, with hands about a foot away from body. Eyes closed. Now do long, slow breathing. With every exhalation we let the body settle deeper into the ground, as though the force of gravity is increasing.

Next we begin systematic attention to our  body beginning with our feet. We concentrate on our feet while we let go of all tension there. We continue do this in a piecemeal way as we move up the body. At every part of our body we take as much attention as we need to release tension at that area.

After we have systematically gone through our entire body we let our breath become as soft and gentle as possible. We let our attention rest on our breath in a feather-light manner. We do not intensely concentrate. We just pay attention in the easiest possible way.

Christopher Kilham, The Five Tibetans (edited by PAT)

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