Fourth Week of October-Dan Wheldon (Follow Your Passion)

On Sunday, 16 October 2011, Dan Wheldon, Husband, Father, and Indy Racer died in a multiple race car crash at the Las Vegas Indy 300 Race. Several days before his tragic death I heard an interview of Mr. Wheldon and was impressed with his dedication and enthusiasm.

Passion for Racing. Dan Wheldon has a passion for what he does. What he does is race cars at the highest level in the world. This means racing in close quarters with other Indy (open wheel) race cars at speeds in excess of 200 mph.

Essense of Racing. Race car drivers are dependent on their race team and interdependent with other drivers on the track. During a race the cars are in their ecosystem where one mistake impacts the others. This translates to the need to focus at the  highest level. Race car drivers are like roped together mountain climbers who must remain focused as a misstep can mean death.

Why Race. People ask why race, why climb mountains, or why engage in activity that risks your life. The answer is because the racer or mountain climber is living at the highest level when they race or climb. They cannot let their mind wander. They must live in the moment. And as they live in the moment they are living at a supreme level- a level of living we who never enter their arena will ever understand.

Tragedy. To me Mr. Wheldon is a tragic hero. He is true to life and realistic. He challenged adversity every time he raced. He never quit on himself.  He raced for others as well as his family. He lived at the highest level possible for a race car driver. He died following his passion.

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4 Responses to “Fourth Week of October-Dan Wheldon (Follow Your Passion)”

  1. That was such a terrible crash. Car racing is such a dangerous game that it should be banned.

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  3. Bud Haddaway says:

    Bonchance Lewis Hamilton – with McLaren behind you you triumphed at Abu Dhabi and you’ll sail through easily in Brazil!

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