Wu Chi-The Second Position

The first time Master Yang Jun instructed us on standing like a tree I had little appreciation for what we were about to do. “If you want to learn the real thing, stand still without moving with your hands in front of you as in holding a beach ball.” When I tried this with Master Yun  I was amazed at the difficulty. Standing still in this position is tougher that most physical exertion over a similar length of time.

With practice we learned what is happening inside our body as we stand still for five minutes. Slowly we began to learn of the internal power inside our body that is harnessed through the simple exercise of standing still.

When we stand like a tree we get in touch with our natural field of energy. Like a tree we take strength from the earth, from the air, and from the space that surrounds us.  We are nourished by everything around us as we stand in the midst of the elements.


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