First Week of October-Getting Better

Sometimes when we are learning a new skill we are faced with falling short of what many others who are experienced at the skill are able to do. Sometimes we think we know what we are doing but we fall short of what we have done in the past and what we believe we are capable of doing.

Falling short of what others are able to do, or of what we think we should be able to do, is not a bad thing. It is reality when it happens. We need to accept reality. We need to learn from our experiences.

Falling short is an opportunity to get better. Success is not introspective. When we succeed we tend to take success for granted. We rarely learn from success.  Falling short is introspective. We tend to reevaluate our performance. We learn when we reevaluate. When we learn and fine tune we get better.

So applaud falling short. Recognize you have been in the arena. Recognize you have battled. Recognize you can learn and get better. And getting better is what it is all about.

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